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Trusting your employees to make the call!

Today I want to share a video (link at the end) with you that I watched last week, it’s a video from Hewlett-Packard, discussing their split of a $112 Billion Dollar Revenue company with 300,000 employees, 20,000 customers that resides in 170 countries. When HP announced their split I was managing a VIP IT Support Team for them for a very large client here in the UK, I remember there being a lot of confusion and our clients asking us questions that nobody really knew the answers to straight away! It was really pinnacle and exciting times for HP and a chance for the employees to be a part of a landmark event!

During the build up to split, everything was focused on business, which entity was doing what, where were the key figure heads were going to be and what were they heading up in the new respective companies. The video I want you all to see see though, is one of those rare behind the scenes videos, the IT split, 300,000 employees using 2,500 IT applications spread over 170 countries, how do you do even begin to split that up?

One of the key points I want to make in the article can actually be represented in any industry, but I just love this case study for it Scott Spradley, CIO, HPE says “putting people in the right positions and telling them, you are empowered to make this decision”, this is from what I have seen over my 8 years in the industry and business, probably one of the biggest key attributes to any successful project, team or company. We always hire the best people for the job but do we give them the ability and the opportunity to make the call?

Okay, so I’ve now made my point, but some people have a question, what if someone inexperienced messes up? Well, here’s the thing, it’s down to you as the supporting manager to oversee and help to grown and install confidence in the employee, but not get involved, be the “guardian angel” the sounding box, they still have to make mistakes, but you still have the power to limit those mistakes with your advice, not your authority! That’s how I’ve always felt as a senior employee or manager. But from my experience, if we’re hiring the best, then the best can be trusted to make these decisions, it’s your call as the Project Manager/Senior Manager/CEO…

In this video Meg Whitman says those pinnacle words that makes me love her as a leader, not a boss, a leader, “you don’t need luck, you make your own luck”, this leads us back to what Scott said, hire the best people and the best possible outcome will be the end result!

I really enjoyed my time at HP, I even met Meg Whitman once, I escorted her to a meeting in London with one of her aids, it was a pleasant elevator experience!

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