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February 22, 2016
Seamless office laptop and mobile anyone?

I love HP products just as much as I love Apple products, right now I am writing this post on a HP Spectre XT, my old faithful, though the MacBook’s on the floor, I’m just quite liking Windows 10 at the moment! I want to share a new HP product with you guys today, I was reading about it on time.com (link to article at the end of the post), the all new HP Elite X3, with Windows 10 Continuum.

I look at this product as a new way if working, for the employee, busy CEO/VP or just myself as a technology fan! Let’s get some background, over the past couple of years I have been using Apple only products, why? Well, I love the way that using only Apple products my life is all there in one seamless system, my notes, contacts, phone calls, just there, no additional software, hardware, just there, on the train, the sofa or at my desk everything is easily accessible.

The HP Elite X3 is making waves in the hardware industry by taking a laptop/desktop away from that, a very powerful phone with a special dock that uses Windows 10 Continuum. You’re on the train, writing emails, listening to your music, reading that new sales pitch, you get to work and you need to continue reading that pitch, you just dock your phone and it turns into your desktop, amazing. Well, it is, in principle, but not many apps are currently switched on for continuum but there’s so much scope for this to grow into something special that I can all kinds of people making use of, already I’m incredibly excited for this and how it can develop!

As you all know, I’m a very passionate person when it comes to new ways of working and how technology can better our environments, the internet of things for instance, it’s about bringing all those mundane items together and making them work for us. I love seeing technology like this grow and adapt the way we live our lives.

The HP Elite X3 is the first of a long line of similar products and technologies coming to market to make our home and working lives better! Exciting, isn’t it!

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