I’m Aaron, one of those ‘happy to be here’ kind of guys…

I grew up in Reading down south in the quaint little county of Berkshire, that’s one of those¬†royal counties,¬†and now I reside in London. I spend my weeks in London and my weekends between London, Reading and Kent! (i don’t want this to sound like a cheesy dating profile, sorry girls, I’m taken…)

This site/shop/hobby, whatever you wish to call it is about me sharing my love of my instagram with you, I love instagram and I love the pictures that come out of it!! Every week I will be selling one of my pictures from instagram, only 48 numbered prints will be made weekly, each week I’ll choose the photo from that week that means the most, it could be anything, and I’ll have 48 printed for you to buy! Each will be numbered and who knows where it’ll go!

Take a look around, love me, love the site, love instagram! If you have any questions check out the contact page or hit me up on one of the social medias and I’ll get back to you!

A xx


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